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About Us

Tacoma Locksmith is a family owned, local, and well-known business located in Tacoma, Washington State. It was envisioned and created by Louis Preston in 1990. He started to work from his home, by fixing locks, elaborating custom security devices and providing training to his future crew. As the city planners began to plan a massive growth of the city’s downtown, Louis worked hard to get a spot in one of the new shopping malls.Over the next years, his locksmith business grew by including sophisticated and innovative services and was among the first in providing full security systems specially oriented to commercial buildings. Louis´ wife started to help him handle the explosive increase in workload, but he finally and formally hired his former trainees.Today, Tacoma Locksmith offers a broad gamut of services, from simple lock fixes, key duplicating or lockout solving, to armored door installations and complete security systems. We opened two more agencies, acquired a fleet of mobile units, and created a 24/7 emergency service. We never take lightly the aspect of hiring new staff, and we never take jobs that we are unsure we can excel at and finish on time. As we continue to develop our business model, we expect to open at least four more agencies in the next few years, and start offering more services, as well as widening our stock of devices and tools.We have a deep commitment to excellence and we want to thank our city for taking us in, and helping us become the best locksmith service that can be imagined. Help us achieve our goals and contact us today!Call us at (253) 250-4512. Tacoma Locksmith has the best locksmith looking to fix ur issues with the locks that you have. cnticon